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Pizza Capital

At Pizza Capital we are committed to offer an efficient and qualified service to our customers, offering tasty meals prepared exclusively with the freshest ingredients. You will love our food; our distinguished promotions and combos will satisfy your demands but also your pocket thanks to their accessible prices. So check our menu and order by phone or online, we can deliver for you with no problems or you can pick up, you will find us at Pierrefonds.

(514) 626 3500

15746 Pierrefonds

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Toujours 2 pour 1
Toujours 2 pour 1

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Toujours 2 pour 1

-we tried different pizza around and for us it is the best one. Always the same great taste. except for the meat ball always hard(I think they were frozen)-

Toujours 2 pour 1
Toujours 2 pour 1
Andrew Fawcett

-Best delivery pizza place in the west island. Excellent value for money, friendly service, usually quick delivery (which sometimes can't be helped). If you're looking for antique wood fire gourmet pizza then obviously look elsewhere, but Capital is the king of their division.-

Toujours 2 pour 1
Toujours 2 pour 1
Sulmaz wz Wz

-Havent been inside yet but whenever i ordered anything it was fresh and hot. The taste is good. I wish the hot sauce was free with the meal ?? would have been better . You like halal fried chicken and pizza u know where to go now .-

Toujours 2 pour 1
Toujours 2 pour 1
Ketra Bulet

-First time at this restaurant and was pleasantly surprised. I ordered a medium pizza and chicken wings and fries everything was cooked to perfection wings and fries were very crispy and the pizza is probably the best I have had in the West Island definitely will recommend this place-

Toujours 2 pour 1
Toujours 2 pour 1
Ali S

-Best Spicy Vegi pizza in Montreal. If you're looking for a desi touch with fresh toppings. Definitely Worth trying-

Toujours 2 pour 1